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A very excellent icebreaker that I use to get a trivia show started for corporate events is to perform a round of Fact or Crap. For about $20 you can buy the game at any Walmart, and it includes roughly a thousand cards with various statements on them. Fact or Crap Quiz at Quiztron Fact or Crap? This is based on the game called Fact Or Crap. If you liked this quiz, be sure to take part 2! (e) 1. Deleware`s state quarter features a picture of Paul Revere riding his horse. Fact. Crap : 2. Christopher Columbus never set foot on what is now the United States. Fact. Fact Or Crap Game Questions And Answers The combat system is pretty bad..crap in fact. Best new indie game of the last decade. 4v4 space To the people who funded this game those are features. On Pencils.com, it cites slightly different rules to play the game, including a version She's 11 for gods sake and the fact she played this crap at a friends house. Here is a comprehensive list ...

Jan 16, 2013 ... Each player must decide if that statement is a fact (true) or crap (false). ... read much of the instructions, and is just 100% first impression stuff.

How to Play Fact or Crap | Our Pastimes Fact or Crap is an entertaining trivia game. The object is to decide whether something read to you is true or false. The game has lots of pieces and may appear intimidating at first, but it's a really easy game … Fact or Crap | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

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